Kouvenda Media will launch our Obscured podcast in 2022, releasing episodes in limited run series a couple times a year.

As the name suggests, our podcast will explore an obscured angle of a problem that persists on the edge of our day-to-day lives. Obscured will focus on issues that don’t get the attention they deserve – telling underreported stories that unpack public policy outcomes, shortcomings and solutions with engaging, data-driven narratives.

Our reporting will: 

  • Explain root causes of an issue, with a particular focus on institutional structures, policies, decisions and, as warranted, underlying corruption and malfeasance 
  • Explore possible solutions  
  • Provide ways to learn more about the issue at hand through related web content like articles and graphics

We are also interested in developing thoughtful and engaging public policy content for or with media outlets, particularly organizations grappling with cuts, re-organizations, resource reallocation and coverage gaps in news deserts. 

Kouvenda Media is uniquely positioned to create content that adds value to the media landscape. Learn more about our highly-specialized skill set, experience as public media journalists and how we launched here.