FWTW Ep 13: Supporting Survivors of Violence  

From Words to Weapons Episode 13 features a panel discussion about supporting survivors of violence.

The conversation focuses on how policy takes shape to support survivors of violence, how the definition of crime versus violence can affect whether someone qualifies for support, and the impact of the Victims of Crime Act or what’s known as VOCA. The discussion also touches on various challenges including funding cuts and how violence often goes underreported as well as policy solutions.

The panel discussion was hosted by the Women of Fels at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government and presented in partnership with the Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia, Morgan State University’s Department of Nursing and Obscured.

The moderator for the discussion is Natasha Danielá de Lima McGlynn, executive director of the Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia. The panelists are Adara Combs, who is the Victim Advocate in Philadelphia and a former prosecutor in the district attorney’s office; Jahlee Hatchett, who is chair of the Citizens Police Oversight Commission or CPOC in Philadelphia, where he was previously a prosecutor and currently an attorney specializing in employment, civil rights and municipal liability cases; and Maija Anderson, who is Chair of the Department of Nursing at Morgan State University and also works as a forensic nurse and sexual assault nurse examiner.

Our FWTW series focused on Maija Anderson’s work in Episode 7 and her efforts to develop a protocol for caring for survivors of law enforcement trauma. Episode 5 in the series also focused on accountability and the Citizens Police Oversight Commission or CPOC, which Jahlee Hatchett chairs.

Our special thanks to
Natasha Danielá de Lima McGlynn, Nicole Mahia, Adara Combs, Jahlee Hatchett, Maija Anderson, Colleen Bonner, the Women of Fels and the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government for making this panel discussion possible.
And to the Independence Public Media Foundation.

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Developing a Model of Forensic Care To Victims of Police Violence (Anderson, Maija and Callari-Robinson, Jacqueline; NNVAWI Conference)