Podcast Production

We know you have choices when it comes to hiring a podcast production company. What sets us apart is our experience working in public radio and our highly specialized skill set.

Our business model is built on working with social change-minded organizations and media partners to create content that adds value to our communities outside of the daily news cycle. The revenue we earn helps support our public policy journalism.

Our Services

In everything we do, we hold ourselves to high standards. We take a thoughtful and thorough approach to our work. Our range of services includes the following:

• Conceptual development for podcast series and episode ideas
• Research and related-reading on the subject matter
• Sourcing potential guests/interviewees and managing correspondence to arrange interviews
• Interview prep and question generation
• Recording interviews remotely and on-location (will travel if needed)
• Generating and reviewing interview transcripts
• Careful selection of the strongest interview material
• Writing multiple script drafts
• Tracking host narration and providing direction in recording sessions
• Post-production editing
• Creation of rough mixes and ongoing critique
• Final post-production polish for episode completion

We are also interested in developing thoughtful and engaging public policy content for or with media outlets, particularly organizations grappling with cuts, re-organizations, resource reallocation and coverage gaps in news deserts.

If your organization is interested in our podcast production services, please send us an inquiry and let us know how we might be able to assist.

A major bonus of choosing Kouvenda Media is that you’re also helping sustain our Obscured podcast. At a time when journalism has been hit hard, your organization’s decision to work with us directly supports our mission: to tell underreported stories that unpack public policy outcomes, shortcomings and solutions.





We especially value the opportunity to collaborate closely with the variety of organizations we’ve already helped develop and produce podcasts.


Kouvenda Media helped create and produce Grapple as part of the Keystone Crossroads public media initiative. The podcast won the Public Media Journalist Association’s First Place Award in Division A. Grapple is a compelling anthology of both narratives and analysis to help you make sense of Pennsylvania’s economic distress and how America has changed over time. Check out all 18 episodes.


At the Core of Care

At the Core of Care is a podcast series in which you hear stories about nurses and their creative efforts to better meet the health and health-care needs of patients, families and communities. Kouvenda Media is producing this podcast for the Pennsylvania Action Coalition. Support for the podcast comes from the Center to Champion Nursing in America, which is a joint initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, AARP, the AARP Foundation; along with the Pennsylvania Action Coalition. Episodes available here or wherever you get your podcasts.


Diving Board

Diving Board is a refreshing departure from the daily news stream. It gives voice to artists to talk about the art they create, and a wide range of social and cultural ideas they explore. Kouvenda Media produces this podcast with the Woodmere Art Museum, and it’s been an incredibly enriching and creative collaboration. Episodes available here or wherever you get your podcasts.



Kouvenda Media and Brad Linder are producing Resolve Philly’s podcast, Resolved. It’s about the future of local news and collaborative solutions journalism. To learn more, check out the great work that Resolve Philly does.


Vaxed Out and Unmasked

Kouvenda Media produced Vaxed Out and Unmaskedtwo special five-part series for the #US podcast from First Person Arts. Vaxed Out explores five different people’s decision-making process around the COVID-19 vaccines, and Unmasked features five different perspectives about living through the pandemic. Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.


Remember Reading

Remember Reading is a thoughtful, engaging and well-produced podcast for all you readers out there, especially if you love classic children’s books. The podcast features perspectives from authors, editors and readers. From 2019 to 2020, Kouvenda Media helped produce Remember Reading for HarperCollins, and the podcast was named an awards finalist for the “Best Use of Podcasting in Publishing.” You can listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.


Dial Back

Dial Back is a pilot initiative to help us do some soul-searching around the impact of technology on our lives. It’s impossible to even imagine life today without the Internet, social media, email, text messages, GPS, apps, podcasts and everything else you might love or hate about being “connected.” Clearly, technology can make our lives better, but sometimes also worse than we had expected. Stephanie Marudas of Kouvenda Media and Jessica Kourkounis have piloted this episode here and hope to produce more episodes when they’re not doing a million other things.