Dial Back is an original Kouvenda Media initiative to help us do some soul-searching around the impact of technology on our lives. It’s impossible to even imagine life today without the Internet, social media, email, text messages, GPS, apps, podcasts and everything else you might love or hate about being “connected.” Clearly, technology can make our lives better; but sometimes also worse than we had expected. Stephanie Marudas and Jessica Kourkounis have piloted this episode here, and hope to produce more episodes when they’re not doing a million other things.

Need a Social Media Break?

Social media… love it or hate it? It’s the way many of us communicate today. And especially for teens who use social media to like, flirt, ghost, have streaks, group chats and obsessively post selfies. On the show, Jessica and Stephanie talk about their own relationship with social media, and introduce us to some teens who’ve chosen to take breaks and are feeling relieved.

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