In order to make a new blog post and add it to the home page, follow these steps:

Creating a new blog post:

  • Log into the dashboard:
  • Go to “Posts/Add New” in the left column or “New/Post” at the top of the page.
  • Add the title, for instance: Reflections January 2019
  • Type or paste text tot he paragraph block below.
  • To add links to text:
  • Click inside any block,
  • Highlight the word or words you wish to link,
  • Mouse over and click the link icon, and…
  • Add the target URL as indicated.
  • Click “Apply” icon.
  • To add a “Featured Image,” which will be visible on the “News” page of indexed posts:
  • Click “Document” in the right column — if it is not already open, as indicated by underline. (vs. Block)
  • (If you don’t see a right column in the dashboard, widen your browser window or zoom out.)
  • Click the down arrow to open the Featured Image window.
  • Click “Set Featured Image.”
  • Follow prompts to upload an image or select one from your media library.
  • Click “Replace Image.”
  • Click “Publish” to go live and then click “View Post” to confirm.

Pasting the latest blog post into the home page:

  • Click “Pages” or “All Pages” in the left column.
  • Mouse over the one labeled “Front Page” and click “Edit.”
  • Scroll down to “Reflections,” mouse over the text below and delete.
  • Mouse over the spacer just below and then click the “+” sign to create a new “Paragraph” block between “Reflections” and the spacer.
  • Click inside the new paragraph block to get the blinking cursor and paste the copy from the blog post.
  • Click “Update” and and then “View Page” to confirm.
  • That’s it!